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Unleashing Communication for Non Verbal Autism

Communication underpins every element of our lives. Non-verbal people know this all too well; being unable to talk with loved ones, call for help, or even ask for your favourite drink can be frustrating and isolating.

There are approximately 700,000 people diagnosed with autism in the UK.

Being able to communicate in a way that other people understand has the power to transform the lives of children, adults and their loved ones, bringing people together by giving individuals with non verbal autism a voice.

app2vox is designed to do just that.

Necessity is the mother of invention. From using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) cards and Velcro icons, as well as other tap-to-talk apps for autistic and non-verbal people, our founder saw an opportunity to go beyond these educational programmes.

In association with Autism Together, we concluded that there was a gap in the market for a more accessible, affordable and autism-friendly application.

app2vox was born.

app2vox Support Network

Our unique mobile application is designed to enhance interaction, reduce stress and boost confidence for autistic and non-verbal people. Developed with the team at COMMITT Communications Ltd, our FREE app is accessible for all.

From communicating needs and emotions, to understanding daily routines, app2vox aims to support language development, while opening the door for an improved quality of life.

With a functional Dashboard, this allows parents and carers to receive alerts, customise categories, and analyse essential data, giving carers and family members valuable insights.

Learn more about the app2vox features.

Communication Apps for Non Verbal Autism

If you have ever had to say that my child has autism then you will know how important communication apps for nonverbal children and adults are. AAC software offers the nonverbal person a simple way for them to be able to put sentences together in order to communicate with those around them.

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