Giving a voice to autistic and non-verbal people

app2vox is a free AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app designed to help autistic and non-verbal individuals communicate with the people around them.

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Simple communication

Our smart phrase builder and sophisticated, extensive library of cues allow those with limited communication skills to interact with friends, parents and carers.

Text to Speech

Our text to speech app is a game changer in the world of speech therapy apps for nonverbal people as it is one of the only autism apps developed with the aim of helping nonverbal children and adults to interact better with other people.

Tap an icon to add to phrase bar

Tap a square to play sound

Play Audio

Click on the cards to add here

I want like am tea glassofjuice home school hurt happy mother father

Discover app2vox's AAC app

Designed to enhance the everyday lives of non-verbal people, with a focus on children and adults with autism. Learn more about the app2vox features.