The village walk

The Komo Centre has many activities for the children to learn day-to-day life experiences and among these is the village walk. John Ferguson, app2vox Support Co-ordinator got the chance to walk with the children around the local village, not too far from the centre.

The main purpose of this is to offer counsel and aid where possible to the families with special needs members who are often living on or below the poverty line.

Families get together and visit those who are suffering with autism during the village walks. People around the village are fond of the children and call out their names and wave to them as they go by, which makes the children feel right at home in their own community

During the village walk John visited Mary [real name withheld] who has two special needs grand children who she single handily looks after; Peter [real name withheld] who is almost 10 years old suffers from autism and severe cerebral palsy that has left him severely disabled from the neck down.

Peter is non-verbal and struggles to move, having to crawl from time to time. Despite all this Peter is a very bubbly and jolly boy, always smiling and happy to be in the company of visitors. Peter’s sister Alice who is 20 years old [real name withheld] suffers from down syndrome, leaving her disabled from the waist down and semi verbal.


John comments, ‘Life is a struggle having limited access to basic necessities. The village walk is a small but helpful link to the Entebbe community; it is an outreach initiative by the centre’s teachers to offer counsel and support to disadvantaged special needs children and their parents/carers in the neighbouring areas. The village walk brings awareness of autism to the people around the Komo Centre community’.