The Dorna Centre: Partner Since 2015

Child born disabilities including Autism, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy among many others in Uganda carry a lot of stigma.


Dorothy Nambi, Director of the Dorna Centre in Ntinda, Uganda had the opportunity to give a very heart touching talk on the stigma to the people of the Gelah Ministry in Kampala, Uganda.

Dorothy spoke about the help of International Aid and the World Health Organization and how they have been able to help change minds of people against this stigma over the years. Continuing to mention the many special needs schools, and hospitals that have come up to help families with children living with these disabilities.


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The Dorna Centre has been a partner of the app2vox program since November 2015. Dorothy was also spoke on the app2vox program and how it is helping change the lives of semi/non-verbal children living with autism.


Dorothy speaks of one of the app2vox trial candidates she works with, Elijah Kasirye (age 15), “Regarding my thoughts on the app2vox program, I am really pleased with the progress Elijah has made so far, we faced challenges back in 2015 in getting Elijah accustomed to using just the ‘touch-tabs’. Given that assistive technology is still a new progression with many people here in Uganda, needless to say Elijah picked it up quickly as he seemed more interested in the app2vox program training sessions than the traditional PECS flash cards we were originally using.”

Dorothy continues, “There is a notable improvement in his communication using the app2vox application, he is able to respond to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions and is trying to use category icons to express himself. There is still a lot of improvement to be made with his communication but there is definitely progress. Thanks for the continued support on helping children with autism communicate with their loved ones.” 


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