We each have varying milestones we aim to reach, some strive to be rich, attain fame, get that new job, attain that academic qualification, and lose those extra pounds. John Ferguson, app2vox Support Co-ordinator wants to shed light on a different kind of milestone; Independence.

Many of us may take independence for granted, the freedom to walk down the street, pick out a meal of our choosing, express ourselves to others.

Angel Ahimbisibwe joined the Komo Centre in 2008 at a tender age of 3. Angel suffers from non-verbal autism and has struggled with basic activities like going to the toilet on her own; she was withdrawn and often shied away from people.

On Friday 5th June John witnessed that Angel’s dialect had grown from complete non-speech to two to three words and sign language as a means of communication; she can now even use the toilet by herself, this is a notable milestone in Angel’s development, a small portion of independence for her.

This has been possible through years of training and hard work by the staff at the Komo Centre.

Josephine, Komo Centre Administrator states, ‘We are looking forward to the app2vox launch on September 10th because it will make a real difference to the lives of children and people living with autism like Angel’.