Komo Progresses with app2vox

Komo Christopher is one of the main reasons that the Komo Centre was started back in 2006. Komo is one of the first trial candidates of the app2vox application.

Komo's background: He showed no interest in other children, threw violent temper tantrums and was extremely hyper as a child. When he was four, he was diagnosed with autism and is semi-verbal.


Komo is very intelligent. He loves computer related activities like video games and also watching TV. A study has found that people can learn how to compensate for the ways autism disables them, and by doing so, they can emerge, in part or in whole, from disability. This study does not really say that “they grew out of being autistic;” rather it says “they no longer have diagnosable symptoms that escape detection or were sub-clinical”.


Komo is presently quite sociable and now understands his surroundings and questions that he is asked and can use the “Yes and No” icons of the application to respond. He also recognises the other icons like body parts, food, drinks and colours. He loves to take photos with the app2vox application but needs a little help to name them.




For more information on how the app2vox application can bring hope to your loved one with autism, please email our Support Team at info@app2vox.com


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