It’s a Volunteer World

Volunteers from around the world are getting more involved in improving quality of life with autistic children in Uganda. ‘Work without pay ‘or volunteer work can be a very valuable experience in one’s life, with tremendous positive impact on the community and the volunteer’s life, both personally and professionally.

Support Co-ordinator John Ferguson states, ‘From my own experience volunteering with various autism centres in Uganda has given me a new outlook on life and I have developed tremendously in my professional life too’.

Volunteers at the Kyabiru children centre work alongside the therapist and carers to help the children learn arithmetic, puzzles, reading and phonics.

At the GloryBe primary school, the volunteers are involved in community visits and help operate clinics under the stewardship of professional therapists and teachers, educating parents on how to care for children with autism and also aid with physiotherapy.

Most volunteers travel from abroad, braving new cultures and offering their time selflessly to try and make a difference for the lives of children and individuals with autism, including many schools and communities in Uganda, touching the lives of families and communities alike.