Improving Communication: The app2vox UG WhatsApp Group

The Komo Centre, Entebbe Uganda had a parent meeting on 4th November 2017.

The parents were so thankful that their children have great teachers who understand autism and know how to help improve their communication with the app2vox program.


It was noted that the children on the app2vox program have greatly improved since they joined the centre, with the help of a WhatsApp support group.

Mr. Ibra, Head Teacher of the Komo Centre heads all operations to help children living with disabilities like autism, down syndrome and hydrocephalus. The team at app2vox got in touch with Mr. Ibra to start an app2vox Support WhatsApp group between the parents and teachers of the centre. Parents are now involved in the behavioural and communication progression of their child. Within the WhatsApp group they receive updates on their children, including interactive videos, share experiences and offer support and receive posts on daily academics and extracurricular activities from the centre.




App2vox Uganda co-ordinator John Ferguson states, ‘Looking back at the past years, I wanted to document the critical factors that seemed to make a difference in the children’s experience. Some of these are tied to the home environment of the children while others are related to external factors.’

Facts like a child’s behaviour both at home and the centre, and the children’s routine. I can personally attest to difficulty of rolling the ball up hill so-to-speak, when it comes to beginning of the term. Some of the children start school with difficulties in routines the school follows, but the app2vox Support WhatsApp group has proved to benefit the communication between child, teacher, and parent. Getting parents input on the app2vox program through the WhatsApp support group has greatly improved the children’s progress and made parents more actively involved in the app2vox program.’




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