Hope for Tevin

Tevin Kansiime (age 13) is one of the two lucky trial candidates of the app2vox application at the Teens and Tots Neuro Development Centre (Kampala, Uganda). Tevin was diagnosed with severe autism which is characterised by low levels of concentration in class at school. Tevin is also nonverbal, naturally very shy and gets agitated in big crowds of people.




Tevin loves to use the computer and so when the app2vox application was introduced, he was quick to adopt it.

Tevin can now respond with the “Yes” and “No” icons when called or asked a question and he has learnt how to use some of the other icons. This a big step in his learning process.

This is a very big step in Tevin’s communication therapy and the Teens and Tots Centre is very glad to be part of the communication therapy training.



app2vox Support Coordinator, John Ferguson states, ‘The centre is very thankful for the app2vox application which has been a great help in the speech therapy for Tevin’.



For more information on how the app2vox application can bring hope to your child with autism, please visit our website or alternatively email us at info@app2vox.com


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