Enock Joins Mainstream Learning

Enock's development and progress through use of the app2vox application has resulted in him, as of this term, being given two hours a week of studies and interaction with non-autistic children.


Enock, who was diagnosed with classic autism, is semi-verbal and has been a keen learner of the app2vox application.


Since the app2vox program started in September 2015, Enock has been one of the many fast learners. He quickly learnt the different icons within the application and was one of the first students to learn how to use the camera function.




Komo Centre Teacher, Josephine says, “Enock is always happy and looking forward to the app2vox user lessons. When it is time for them, he is always the one who collects and hands out the android tablets to each of the other users  involved in the app2vox program. As soon as the lessons begin, he is able to pick out the app2vox application, open it and move through the different categories without any assistance from the app2vox Support Co-ordinator, John Ferguson”.

Josephine continues, “The app2vox application has been a unique help in Enock’s life and also helps the other students who are using it”.


Enock's mother states, “I am so thankful for the app2vox program; it  helps my son to communicate and interact so much better”.


Big congratulations to Enock Walusimbi on his progress and development!




For more information on how the app2vox application can bring hope to your loved one with autism, please email our Support Team at info@app2vox.com


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