Enock is USING His Voice

Enock Walusimbi (age 13) is one of the app2vox trial candidates in Uganda. Enock is semi-verbal, having been diagnosed with classic Autism which is generally classified by impairment in social interactions and communication, as well as some restrictive or repetitive behaviour.

Enock is a student at the Komo Centre in Entebbe, where app2vox candidate trials began in November 2015.

Komo Centre Caretaker, Masembe Charles, describes Enock’s improvements resulting from using the app2vox application:

‘He has learnt a lot from the app2vox application, for which everyone is grateful. Enock is now able to derive the meaning and difference between the YES and NO icons. When asked a question, he can reply by using these key icons.

App2vox has greatly increased his concentration when learning and improved his routine. Enock has learnt many of the application icons and phrases. Thus, he now uses many different words, expressions, and names of objects; all of which, before using app2vox, he had no notion.

For Enock, learning was very slow prior to using app2vox, but now the application helps him to grasp different situations, and he is learning so much faster.’