app2vox Supports World Autism Awareness Day

Sunday April 2nd 2017 is World Autism Awareness Day. It is an internationally recognised day on which the public are encouraged to take measures to raise awareness about people with autism throughout the world.


The day itself brings together all the individual autism organizations around the world to publicise and collaborate in research, diagnoses, treatment and overall awareness for those with the disorder.


Thanks to the support of app2vox, three girls who live in Entebbe, Uganda will receive android tablets loaded with the app2vox application. These three girls will join the 15 trial members who have been receiving training on how to use the app2vox universal icons to aid communication with friends, parents and carers.





Ariko Pricilla (17 years old) is the youngest in a family of 3 sisters. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and mild autism.


Pricilla has a lively personality and is a hard working girl both at school and home. She tries hard to learn how to communicate with her peers, parents and carers.

She was one of the lucky three to join the app2vox training program during which her communication skills will be developed greatly as she shows  so much interest in the program.

Within one week she has been able to learn the “YES and No” icons which she now uses to answer when asked.




This is Nalumu Ivy (9 years old) who has one brother and was born in Entebbe. She was diagnosed with mild autism, and is semi-verbal.


Ivy is a very happy little girl, always giggling and loving to play and associate with friends at school; though she is very shy when around new people.

Ivy shows signs of learning the app2vox communication application fast and shows promising signs of being able to interact better with others.




Umwari Catherine (7 years old) was diagnosed with mild autism.


She is semi-verbal. She can say some words but is quiet most of the time. She has only recently joined the Komo Centre in Entebbe and so she is very shy and keeps to herself most of the time.

Catherine who received a tablet with the app2vox application installed on it, was so happy to join her peers during the training and shows a lot of interest in taking photos.

Komo Centre Teacher, Josephine states, “Catherine will learn this application quickly and this will accelerate her ability to communicate”.


Pricilla, Ivy and Catherine’s parents are so grateful for the app2vox program.

It gives all three girls a chance to learn how to interact with friends and family, making life better for them. For Pricilla, Ivy and Catherine, every day is World Autism Awareness Day, April 2 2017.



For more information on how the app2vox application can bring hope to your loved one with autism, please email our Support Team at


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