app2vox Continues to Raise Autism Awareness and Provide Support in Uganda

The non-governmental organisation, (NGO) Dorna Centre provides a special needs program for 5 autistic children aged between five and fifteen. It was one of the first organisation’s in the country to use assistive augmented communication (AAC) as an educational tool. The Dorna Center, Uganda was enrolled as one of the trial centers for the app2vox assistive technology application.


app2vox continues to raise autism awareness and provide support in Uganda


app2vox uses audio and visual educational tools to help autistic and non-verbal individuals learn, in addition there is a camera function which allows for more customised learning. This function can be used uniquely to capture each trial candidates’ environment and saved within the application, later to be used as a learning and communication tool.


Margret Nalule, Support Member of the Dorna Centre states, “They like app2vox because it talks to them, it communicates with them, and they like to touch the icons within the application a lot.”


Dr John Musoke, Developmental Pediatrician believes assistive applications like app2vox can improve children’s communication skills, he says, “Children with autism can definitely do better with other modes of communication than talking. It is more stimulating for the children and makes for a more familiar tool because most of them are familiar with phones and other gadgets, so they wouldn’t look in a book or the normal PECS picture cards.” John continues,It can improve the neural circuits of communication and app2vox definitely makes for a better aid of communication instead of just looking at the pictures or cards.”


Jonan Mutebi, one of the parents at the center started a support group for parents with autistic children. They meet once a week and share ideas, experiences and offer support and education on a host of topics ranging from health, diet, toys and activities for the children.

Jonan says, “It can be particularly difficult for Ugandan families to deal with having an autistic child. Some people think it demeans your status. It was really difficult for me to accept however over time, it has built me up to a level, I think of the positive things and it motivates me and this inspired me to start the group to help other parents dealing with the same. Programs like the app2vox trials at my sons school (the Dorna Center) are making a difference in our children and our lives”.


“I believe programs like app2vox are empowering people to take the information they are getting and inform their families, neighborhoods and communities, this in turn is improving the general awareness of autism and bringing forth a more informed, accepting and supportive society”, said the Dorna Center founder, Dorothy Nambi.


app2vox support teaching AAC Uganda Dorna Centre


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