AAC Beyond Autism

Michael Akampurile, 11-years-old is an app2vox program user in the Komo Centre, Uganda. Michael was born with Down’s syndrome, most children with Down's syndrome have difficulty learning new things and take a bit longer to reach developmental milestones, such as walking and talking.


Michael is semi-verbal and apart from some small sight issues he is healthy and has implemented the app2vox program into his daily routine for his speech and language therapy.


app2vox program aac boyond autism


Michael’s parents were so pleased to hear he joined the app2vox program, they said, “app2vox will improve his speech because he is semi-verbal, he loves using the application as it helps him to voice his thoughts and needs through augmented communication to people around him.”


Mugisha, Michaels’ Father continues, “I am glad to say that he will quickly be able to communicate with loved ones because he understands most of the PECs icons within the app2vox application. When Michael doesn’t understand an icon, he uses the camera functionality on the Android device to save that specific object as a photo icon, making the understanding of those icons much easier.”


With help and support, most people with Down's syndrome are able to have healthy, active and more independent lives. For more information and advice, visit Living with Down’s syndrome.


For more information on how the app2vox program can aid your child’s communication, email us at info@app2vox.com


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