A Voice For Mark

Mark Kisakye (age 14) has Autism and is completely non-verbal.

Mark has a very high concentration span and displays advanced mathematical skills. He is able to complete tasks after watching someone else demonstrate them.

At the beginning of the app2vox trials in November 2015, Mark could only recognise the YES and NO icons. He could not, however, derive any meaning from them.

In general, autistic individuals struggle to communicate their needs but now, eight months on, Mark has a varied understanding of ALL the category icons (YES/NO, body parts, emotions, food and drink) within the app2vox application and communicates his needs and wants on a daily basis.

Caretaker, Josephine Kiroge, describes Mark’s improvements following his use of the app2vox application:

‘Since using the application over these 8 months, Mark’s concentration has greatly improved. Mark used to be a shy and withdrawn individual but by using the application to communicate, he is so much more sociable and communicates with his friends.

The app2vox Augmented Communication Process is a huge step forward for Mark and others around him. We’re now working with Mark to help him create structured sentences within the application.’