A Voice for Imran

Imran Gitta (age 10) is one of fifteen app2vox trial candidates in Uganda. Imran is non-verbal and attends school at the Komo Centre for Understanding Autism. When Imran joined the centre, he had a very low concentration span and no interest in either class group activities or interacting with his peers and teachers.

At the beginning of the trial lmran took a keen liking to the app2vox tablet, staring at the application for hours on end with no reaction. However, if the tablet was removed, he would often burst into a tantrum.

Today, Imran is able to communicate his needs and likes, as well as what he wants to eat and drink. He points out particular body parts and highlights places he wants to go; his top favourite being the Komo Centre and his own home.

At the beginning of the app trials in September 2015 he was completely non-verbal but now he is learning to mimic the vocals from the voice output of the application.

For his grandmother, this is a tremendous change. His teachers note that his level of concentration has improved. Significantly, he is also trying to engage with his teacher using the application.

Chief Administrator at the Komo Centre, Josephine, comments: ‘Imran still has a long way to go but for the first time since he came to the centre, he is making huge progress’.