A Voice for Enock

Enock Walusimbi (age 13) is one of the app2vox trial candidates in Uganda. Enock is semi-verbal, having been diagnosed with classic Autism which is generally classified by impairment in social interactions and communication, as well as some restrictive or repetitive behaviour.

Enock is a student at the Komo Centre in Entebbe, where app2vox candidate trials began in November 2015.

By December 2015 Enock was able to recognise the yes and no icons within the app2vox application and attempting to pronounce names of icons.

Now, with the help and encouragement of app2vox Support Co-ordinator John Ferguson, Enock is able to freely use the icons to communicate what he wants and needs. He is now able to repeat some of the words as he clicks on them and can construct sentences using the verbs within the application. Enock also loves to take photos, but appreciates some help to name the photos which are then saved into his ‘favorites’ category.

Support Co-ordinator John Ferguson states, ‘I believe this application will eventually help him progress from semi-verbal to full communication.’