A Mother’s Testament to app2vox AAC

Ivy Nalumu is non-verbal joined the app2vox AAC program at the Komo Centre, Entebbe Uganda in 2017.

Ivy’s Mother, Gloria Kyomukama admits she had a big challenge with schools Ivy attended in the past. Teachers and Carers didn’t understand Ivy and her ASC, and Ivy found it difficult to learn, speak and didn’t like to play or associate with other children in her class. Now Ivy is enrolled at the Komo Centre, Teachers and Carers understand how to help with her ASC.



Gloria stated, “I’m so happy to watch Ivy’s videos using the app2vox AAC application, it has given me a lot of hope for Ivy, as she can now express herself. App2vox is a great educational tool for Ivy and aids in her learning, which is even better.” 

“Sometimes raising a child with ASC can be quite difficult because it’s frustrating for them to express themselves, especially when they get poorly. With app2vox, a child can be taught to communicate what the problem is by using the in-app icons. Ivy can now express when she has a stomach upset or headache, and now I can instantly treat the symptoms, without having to take her to the hospital.”



For more information on how the app2vox program can aid your child’s communication, email us at info@app2vox.com

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